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At Choices Media, we believe that communicating your message clearly to your potential clients is absolutely critical to your success.


If You Get Your Customers Emotionally Involved Your Products.

You’ll Be Their Go-To Person Forever and A Day!


Tell me… in a perfect world… what would you prefer?

  • Option #1: To be frantically trying to get the attention of passers-by in the busy streets of the local market or…
  • Option #2: have a queue of people willingly queueing outside your door patiently waiting for you?

It’s a crazy (and leading) question eh? Who in their right mind would want option #1?

And yet that is how most business is done.

Option #2 comes about by having a strategy built around Authority Marketing…

Positioning yourself as the “Guru at the top of the mountain”.

Too often we’re price-focused, forgetting to clearly identifying the many ways in which we are so much better than our competitors.

Even when we do identify it, we’re just not consistent enough in communicating that difference.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you know what needs to be done…,

but HABIT keeps dragging you back and your FOCUS keeps returning you to secondary factors like price and “what you’re NOT offering”.

Go easy on yourself here…

You’re not alone. (Society teaches us this through conditioning messages every minute of our life).

Stay with me because I’m going to show you how to take back control and to start making YOUR RULES.

Breaking free from the Noisy Crowd

Your inner-voice will fight you here but I’m here to tell you that you CAN remove yourself from the noisy crowd and…. it will give you:

  • Certainty in your business (with predictable profit).
  • The lifestyle that drew you into business in the first place.
  • The ability to focus more on helping others (family and clients) by removing yourself from the daily stresses of your business.

Point #1 there is critical for a balanced life.

You may be one of those rare individuals that loves uncertainty but, chances are, you’re surrounded by people who aren’t… work colleagues, staff, loved ones.

It’s a balance… and CERTAINTY at the core of your business will give you the freedom to explore those “less-certain” areas with a clear mind whilst those around you are happy to be sharing the journey with you.

Developing certainty for your clients will ultimately provide certainty for you.

But… you have to communicate that certainty to them.

At Choices Media, we help you to clearly identify your point-of-difference!

We do this by determining what makes you stand out from your competition and why you should be the only logical choice for your target audience to use.

From here, we carefully establish your core identity and message which you’ll use as the foundation for all of your future communications.

It’s no good being the Best Kept Secret. As Zig Ziglar said “Timid salesmen have skinny kids”.

Likewise, no one wants to be “sold” anything and blowing your own trumpet is a fast-track way to have your prospects running for the hills.

We help you to find that middle ground and show you how to get your message out there without it being seen as self-serving, far-fetched or salesy.

Your communications have to be about THEM… not YOU. 

Communications about helping THEM, supporting THEM and guiding THEM… not about “how great YOU are”.

So where do you start?

Fear is the generally the greatest killer at this point…

    –     Fear of not looking good enough

    –     Fear of what others might say

    –     Fear that it might actually damage your brand

If we look at the facts here… nothing can get more raw than Facebook Live videos and the evidence is that consumers love it (especially if the video follows the rules that we’ll be sharing with you)

Choices Media helps you through this fear (Real or Imagined) by showing you how to produce engaging and result-driven videos OR, let us do all the work for you and you do what you’re best at

… selling your products to clients who WANT to be in front of you.

The next step is…

  1. Download the “5-step Formula to Create an Engaging Welcome video
  2. Ring the number below and arrange your Complimentary Discovery Session.

At the end of this 30-minutes, you’ll know exactly what your point-of-difference is!

You can take what you have learned and either:

    –     Do-It-Yourself or

    –     Take the Fast-Track and get your message out there with professional help.

The CHOICE is yours, but…. either way…. You must TAKE ACTION and embrace video.

Start communicating your uniqueness in the language of your prospects and customers.

Get yourself noticed and build your business today. Call us now on 07 5641 4151.

FREE "5-Step Formula to Create an Engaging Welcome Video

Please fill out the form below and we will send you the 5-Step Formula to creating an Engaging Welcome Video